Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Advice for renting a car in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Nigeria is an interesting African country, situated in West Africa. With a lively population of over 150.000 million inhabitations, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the eighth most populated in the world. Nigeria is endowed with visible episodes of compelling natural and cultural glamour, which reveal themselves through enchanting vegetation, spectacular hills, sweeping savannahs, diverse flora, extensive pristine refreshing beaches, abundance of wildlife and marvelling cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity. One beautiful way to explore Lagos and Nigeria’s treasures at a pace that settles your interests and expectations is to hire a car.

If you have really limited time to expense in Nigeria or even not, then struggling with public transport to fulfill all your transportation expectations would just squander more of your precious time, with vexatious delays and numerous other inconveniences. One of the ways of economising time and efficiently exploring Nigeria’s wonders is to rent or hire a car. You can hire the car and drive it yourself, if you are in possession of an international driving licence; or you can rent the car and hire a driver to take you around, if you would prefer to concentrate on exploring all those small marvels, instead of focusing on driving. There are numerous cheap car hire companies in Nigeria. Some of these cheap car hire companies are international brand such as Avis car rental or Europcar hire services.

When renting a car in Lagos, endeavour to establish the credibility of the car rental company. Ensure that you fully understand the car rental company’s insurance and supplementary insurance policy. If you maintain an insurance policy that is valid outside your area of residence, present proof of that to the car hire company. If travelling with the car beyond the national boundary of Nigeria, request a letter of authorisation from the car rental company. Present your international driving licence, complete the necessary form and leave your credit card imprint.

Unlimited mileage may be a more attractive option for your car rental deal; but check conditions associated with that particular alternative. Verify the mechanical health of the car before you set off; and ensure that your petrol tank is topped up. Don’t forget to acquire a clear map of the area you are driving to. Your spare tire and wheel spanner should be handy. Enjoy your liberal exploration of vibrant Nigeria.