Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to hire a car while in South Africa

South Africa is a country that truly abounds in breathtaking natural wonders. During your visit to this exquisite rainbow nation, it would be worthwhile to take leave from the bustles of city excitement; and head for the country’s most treasured natural wonders in the hinterland. Whether it be assimilating the majestic tranquility of the Drakensberg range, imbibing the natural remedy of a hot water spring, marvelling at the enchanting carpet of naturally blooming flowers; relishing the magical display of whales; or distilling the simultaneous spectacle of two oceans, the choice is all yours. While numerous guided tours can enable you to sample the gracious wonders of South Africa, a rented car gives you the unmeasured hassle-free liberty to capture South Africa’s replenishing beauty and bounteousness.  

When renting a car in South Africa, endeavour to establish the credibility of the car rental company. Ensure that you fully understand the car rental company’s insurance and supplementary insurance policy. If you maintain an insurance policy that is valid outside your area of residence, present proof of that to the car hire company. If travelling with the car beyond the national boundary of South Africa, request a letter of authorisation from the car rental company. Present your international driving licence, complete the necessary form and leave your credit card imprint. For information sake only, some of the credible car hire companies in South Africa include the following:, budget.economybookings,,,,,,,, and more.

Remember that driving in South Africa is on the left hand side of the road; and the steering is positioned on the right side of the car. Unlimited mileage may be a more attractive option for your car rental deal; but check conditions associated with that particular alternative. Verify the mechanical health of the car before you set off; and ensure that your petrol tank is topped up. Don’t forget to acquire a clear map of the area you are driving too. Your spare tire and wheel spanner should be handy. Enjoy your liberal exploration of South Africa.

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