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Cameroon: A unique and enriching experience in the heart of Africa


Cameroon: A unique and enriching experience in the heart of Africa

With the shape of its territory resembling an elongated vertical triangle, Cameroon is a charming and greatly interesting country, located in the Western Central region of Africa. In terms of territorial surface area, Cameroon is classed as the 53rd largest country in the world. This generous and amiable African nation has an estimated population of 20 million inhabitants, comprising mostly dynamic and energetic young people. This colourful nation is privileged to be situated on the Gulf of Guinea, bordering the bight of Biafra on the Atlantic seaboard, a position that offers it complete access to the mighty Atlantic Ocean and provides its with maritime access to all the regions of the world. Cameroon maintains territorial frontiers with Chad to the North; Central Africa Republic to the East ;Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the South; Nigeria to the West; and the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Seaboard) to the South-West. Cameroon is strategically situated at the intersection of Central and West Africa, rendering it a gateway to many other African countries.

Cameroon is usually regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the world because not only does the country enjoy long-term internal socio-political stability, but it also maintains very healthy, peaceful and cordial relationships with all its neighbours, making it one of the friendliest nations in Africa.
 One of the most remarkable features about Cameroon is its bubbling and unmatched cultural and ethnic diversity; a nation that comprises about 250 ethnic groups, each with a distinctive traditional language, micro-culture and unique ethnic identity. 
Therefore, Cameroon is considered to be the most ethnically and linguistically diverse country in Africa, offering the most marvelling discoveries to visitors. Ethnic groups and larger cultural entities dwell in mutual fraternal goodwill and harmonious co-existence, hence strengthening the sense of mutual tolerance that is touchingly visible throughout the nation. Each ethnic group offers unique sensation, with respect to architecture, traditional dance, food, dressing, language, artistic dexterity, trading preference, believe, folklore and legend etc. Cameroonians are wonderfully friendly, receptive and kind to visitors, making your presence in their midst uplifting, secured and comfortable. English and French are simultaneously utilised as the country’s official languages, offering you a choice, as to the language you are most comfortable with.

Cameroon offers the visitor a uniquely rich African experience that can never be replicated elsewhere else; and continues to delight your memories long after you must have departed. The country flourishes in a breathtaking spectrum of interesting features and exciting activities, each carefully flavoured with the treasure of Africa’s uniqueness.
As a tribute to its extensive diversity, Cameroon is usually called Africa in miniature because any interesting feature available in other African countries can be found in Cameroon, to a smaller or wider degree, rendering it the nation in which inhabits the whole of Africa, so to speak.

Cameroon is naturally privileged with the splendour of dramatic scenery, including mountains, escarpments, valleys and plains. Your imagination will be nourished by the country’s vast spectrum of natural features; including shift-flowing and voluminous rivers, magnificent waterfalls, alluring lakes, mind-blowing caves, staggering mountains, beautifully undulating hills, astounding beaches etc. You will be marvelled by Cameroon’s varied and astounding vegetation; amongst which are, majestic evergreen equatorial forest, spectacular highland montane forest, enticing semi-deciduous stretches and vast fields of breath-taking wooded savannah. 

Cameroon’s ultimate allurement is its wildlife treasures that are well preserved in its numerous national parks and thriving nature reserves. Whether it be lions, elephants, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, birds, giraffes etc, the delight of observing these wonderful creatures in their natural habitats, will be at your full discretion.

Whether you opt to nourish your sight on inspiring evergreen equatorial forests, be marvelled by vast stretches of savanna grassland, or be ecstatsised by the genial mellows of nature on vast stretches of unspoilt and pacifying sandy beaches, the latitude is yours. Whether you opt to imbibe the charm of its enchanting lakes, consume the tranquilising echoes of its smooth-flowing rivers, intimately capture the awe of its fascinating mountains and escarpments, or view the splendour of animals in their natural habitat, the discretion is all yours. Whether you are a diehard adventurer, an adrenalin fanatic, nature lover, cultural explorer, a hedonistic pursuer, a curiosity quencher, or simply seeking spontaneous and organic remedy to your stress and nervous breakdown, Cameroon awaits to fulfil your demands , needs, wants, fantasies and above all, your cherished expectations. Welcome to Cameroon.

Indeed, Cameroon’s touristic magnetism and charismatic personality are simply irresistible. Try Cameroon today; and you will be delighted you did.

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