Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

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Greatness is not so much about the exceptionality of your achievements, but in their inherent benevolence; and the scale of their benignity in effectively enhancing the welfare and happiness of others.

Nelson Mandela is one of the most admired heroes in the modern era. His spirit of outstanding fortitude and relentless pursuit of sublime ideals, has inspired and appeased millions of people around the world. He has exemplified genuine heroism, beyond the parochial perspective of self-aggrandisement. These forty poems are designed to embellish and acclaim the multitude of distinctive qualities, which enabled the admired great Nelson Mandela, to serve as a deserving international role-model of exceptional selflessness and exemplary benevolence. They further aim to magnify his compelling precedence of political rectitude, which has reformed and transformed a whole society; while faithfully restructuring the destiny of an entire nation. He remains a planetary icon of a peaceful, benevolent and evolution-driven political revolution. May his engraved ideals contribute towards our persistent quest for enduring world peace. 
Considering their inherent solemnity and melodious eloquence, poems are endowed with matchless expressive charisma in channelling a solemn message to their designated recipients. Their genial linguistic personality and compelling magnetism, ensures that the message embodied in them, settles on the consciousness of recipients with grace and elegance. It’s in this regard that the author has elected to transmit this accolade in a poetic manner, so that it may replenish and embellish the hearts and souls of global readers. 

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