Monday, August 12, 2013

Hotels and lodges in Botswana

Botswana has an excellent range of various accommodations options. An overwhelming majority of hotels and other accommodation establishments are based in the cities and high population areas. While there is always a possibility to find accommodation in Botswana, it is more secured to prebook your hotel, guest house or lodge, prior to your arrival. The quality of service in hotels and other accommodation establishments in Botswana is of a reasonable standard; and with the government’s ambitious plan to boost tourism in the country, service quality has generally increased. The cost of lodging in a hotel in Botswana is almost in par with that in neighbouring Republic of South Africa.

An overwhelming majority of visitors to Botswana travel to the national parks, which are away from the high population areas. Therefore, most visitors expend a greater part of their time in these national parks instead of the cities. Every national park in Botswana has a variety of accommodation possibilities, including lodges and camping. When visiting a national park in Botswana, it is imperative to book a lodge before hand. Generally, lodges can be booked online or through a travel agency in your country of origin.

The government of Botswana has laid down a number of principles that govern the booking of lodges in national parks. It would be advisable to be conversant of these principles for booking lodges prior to leaving for Botswana. It can be said that Botswana is one of the countries which have opted for a high quality experience for visitors; and has put in place rigorous schemes to enforce and reinforce this vision.

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