Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Overland Tours in Botswana

An Overland tour is a popular and highly interesting experience common in Southern African countries. The Southern African countries of Botswana, Nambia, Republic of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, are well connected by road; but are not also very far from each other. Also, these countries are jointly privileged with the highest concentration of animals in the world; and are blessed with some of the best national parks in Africa. The concept of overland tours emerged from the imperative to offer the visitor a unique and memorable experience of travelling from one of these countries to the others by road; and experiencing the visitor fascinations in each of these countries.

Overland tours vary in duration and also on the number of countries they cover. Some overland tours can last for up to a month, travelling from one Southern African country to another. Usually, travellers spend between 3-5 days in each of the countries, and visit the most compelling national parks and other attractions in that country, before moving on to the next. Some overland trips would also include a visit to the famous Victoria Falls around the Zimbabwean and Zambian boundary. Overland tours are particularly common among young travellers with an enthusiastic spirit of exploration and adventure. Overland tours are full of fun because visitors travel in a group and share the excitement of the areas they visit. Accommodation is usually included in this overland trip package. The Southern African region is truly conducive for overland tours.

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