Thursday, October 17, 2013

International Flights to Kenya

Kenya is a thriving country of vibrant splendour, situated in East Africa. It is a land of spectacular beauty; from stunning cultural diversity, through dramatic scenery, to matchless wildlife abundance.
There are two international airports in Kenya; comprising the Jomo Kenyatta International airport (JKIA) situated in Nairobi, the political capital city of Kenya; and the Mombasa international airport (MBA), situated in the coastal and touristic town of Mombasa. The Jomo Kenyatta International airport is Kenya’s biggest and busiest airport; and it constitutes the principal port of entry for many international visitors to Kenya. The Mombasa International airport is mostly used by business people and tourists. The following is an indication of the various airlines that service the different regions of the world with flights to and from Kenya:

Airlines that fly to and from Kenya:
Flights from the United States and the rest of North America include the following: British Airways, KLM, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways. Scarcely are there any direct flights from the United States directly to Kenya. Most of such flights transit to European cities like London, Amsterdam and Zürich. Some flights may transit to Dubai as well.

Flights from Europe to Kenya are run by: British Airways, Kenyan Airways, Swiss Airlines, KLM, Emirates Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Qatar Airways. Most flights from Europe to Kenya are uninterrupted direct flights, which land at either the Nairobi or Mombasa International Airports.

Flights from Asia, the Far East and Australia are run by: Kenyan Airways, Air India, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways. Some of these companies also provide direct flights from the Middle East.

Flights to other African countries: The Nairobi International airport is a principal air hub for flights to and from regions in West, Central and Southern African regions. Though there are numerous other African airlines that serve Kenya, the national carrier, Kenyan Airways, is by far the most prominent for Africa flights to Kenya.

As a general non-exclusive reference, these are some of the airline companies that serve travellers to Kenya: Ethiopian Airlines ; Air Italy ; Air Mauritius ; Air Tanzania ; Air Zimbabwe; British Airways ; Egypt Air ; Precision Air ; Emirates Airlines ; Kenya Airways ; KLM ; Monarch; My Travel ; Neos ; Qatar Airways ; S. N. Brussels ; South African Airways ; Swiss Airlines; Thomson fly ; Virgin Atlantic etc.

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