Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reduced air fares for travel to Kano- Nigeria

Nigeria is an interesting African country situated in West Africa. With a lively population of over 150.000 million inhabitations, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the eighth most populated in the world. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport is   one of the four international airports in Nigeria, processing flight departures and arrivals from a variety of destinations. While there are direct international flights to Kano, this is less so, compared to flights to Lagos or Abuja. If you are planning to travel to Kano Nigeria, you would probably be wondering where to find the cheapest airline tickets. While there are many airlines that offer cheap flight tickets to Nigeria, it would be necessary for you to do some research, in order to find the cheapest airline tickets to Kano, Nigeria.

In most cases, travel agents would normally be proposing the cheapest air tickets and travel packages. Nonetheless, the lowest airfare or cheapest flight ticket to Kano-Nigeria would depend on the period, location and means by which you actually book the ticket. Prices of airline tickets vary according to time of the year. One option of finding cheap air tickets to Kano is through the airline company itself. Many of the airline companies maintain sites through which you can book an online cheap ticket with a debit or credit card. Booking directly with the airline company offers you a lower air ticket price or discounted air ticket by saving you the amount in commission that you would have paid to a travel agent.
A popular means of booking cheap air tickets to Kano is to access many internet platforms online; which offer online air tickets to Kano-Nigeria. With this formula, it’s possible to compare the prices of different airline companies, and to select the very cheapest airline ticket to Kano-Nigeria.
While hunting for your cheapest airline ticket to Kano, Nigeria, it would also be necessary to know the various international flights that effect journeys to Nigeria on a regular basis. Flights between Nigeria and Europe are numerous; and with this competition, it’s possible to get a cheap plane ticket to Kano. The airlines departing to Nigeria include the following: Lufthasa Germany Airline, Delta Airline, Alitalia Airline, Quatar Airways, Ethiopian Airline, Virgin Nigeria, Emirates, Air France, Belleview Airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Turkish Airline, British Airways, Egypt Air, China Southern Airline etc.
If you had booked or reserved accommodation prior to visiting Kano, it would be best for the hotel to pick you up from the airport, or perhaps ask a friend to offer you that service. That would be most convenient for you. Welcome to Kano and enjoy your stay in Nigeria.

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