Friday, June 14, 2013

Beaches in Mauritius Island

Mauritius constitutes a matchless beach lover’s ultimate wonderland. The shoreline of Mauritius is approximately 200km long, for which beaches occupy about 160km of that coastal length. Nearly all beaches in Mauritius manifest certain generic characteristics; for instance, they all bear the fine white coral sand; the water is crystal-clear and mostly calm and warm, with temperatures ranging between 23°C to 29°C. During sunshine, the sea reflects an assortment of enticing blue hues, turquoise and often even green, giving rise to a charismatic and blissful atmosphere. The following are some of the highly rated beautiful beaches in Mauritius: Flic en Flac Located on the western part of Mauritius, this is evidently the most frequented beach on the island. It also features among the longest beaches in Mauritius, providing ample space for proper relaxation. However, on weekend, this beach can become quite crowded. Indeed, this is the ideal venue for Mauritians who inhabit the central area of the island. Mon Choisy Located in the northern part of the island, Mon Choisy is another prominent beach in Mauritius. Just as with the Flic en Flac beach, on weekend, this beach can become quite crowded. In its vicinity are numerous food outlets. Pereybere beach Located between Grand Bay and Port Louis, this is probably the most recommended place with respect to a perfect swim. The water is crystal clear and the beach is clean and refreshing. The beach usually attracts more people on weekend than week days. Therefore, visiting this beach on a week day may yield the highest level of freedom and satisfaction. Blue Bay This is a truly beautiful and spotless beach, conducive for uninterrupted relaxation. Located in the south-eastern part of the island, the beach maintains proximity to the airport. This is an ideal place for those residing in the southern part of Mauritius; or those touring the central part of the island. Trou aux Biches This is another ideal beach located in the north of the island. White sand and crystal-clear water characterise the beach, which is excellent for relaxation and swimming. The vicinity of this beach equally boasts numerous food outlets.

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