Monday, June 17, 2013

The Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Lion Park is beautifully nestled in proximity to Lanseria Airport and Fourways, quickly reachable from both Johannesburg and Pretoria.  The park contains a wide assortment of predators and large herbivores native to South Africa. The park covers an area of 2 km² (500 acres); and is home to more than 80 lions, including the rare white lions, in conjunction with numerous other carnivores, such as cheetah, wild dog, brown spotted hyena and back backed jackal. Also residing in the park is a broad variety of free roaming antelopes, which inhabit a designated antelope area. Other species which dwell in the antelope area include blesbok, gnu, impala, gemsbok and zebra.
Visitors have an opportunity to interact with some of the animals in the ‘Cub World’ area. A giraffe feeding platform puts you at eye level with the tame resident giraffe, creating a thrilling and unprecedented experience for everyone. The hugely popular cub interaction allows guests to touch the cubs and take photographs.

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